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Situated in Renai Township of Nantou County, Taichung, Cingjing Veterans Farm (清境農場) is a hilltop farm located 1,750 meters above the sea. The weather is generally mild all year round with average temperatures ranging between 15℃ and 23℃ during May to September.

Within the Cingjing, there is also a garden called “Little Swiss Garden”, where a popular local idol drama had done their shooting. I will talk more about the said garden later.

The Green Green Grasslands 青青草原

This wide grassy plain is the most popular site of the Cingjing Veterans Farm. You can see herds of sheep grazing on the land under the azure skies, and the verdant mountains in the horizon have a distinct European air. As the sheep are very friendly and visitors often have pictures taken with them.

To enter the Green Green Grasslands, admission fees cost about NT$160 (weekdays) and NT$200 (weekends) for adults, and NT$120 for students and children. For more details on ticket pricing, see here.

Once we enter, we quickly found ourselves being greeted by these ‘furry hosts’ – who happened to be grazing on the open fields.


Baa baa sheep everywhere!


If you have feed, the sheep will follow you.


Since it was December when we were there, the temperature was cooler than usual and much more foggy.


Say ‘Cheese’!


Road signs within the farmland.


An outdoor theatre where the farm animals will perform here.


Pose for the camera!

Little Swiss Garden 小瑞士花園


Nicknamed as Taiwan’s “Little Switzerland”, this miniature garden located in Cingjing is a well-known tourist spot. Because of the high altitude, the surrounding mist gives the overall scenery a romantic feel that you often see in European scenery paintings.


Entrance at Little Swiss Garden


The cool, fresh air here is suitable for growing all sorts of vegetation and flowers.


It’s nice to see how well these plants are growing here.


A view from top of the garden.


It’s a place for shutter bugs.


There’s a café inside the garden, so you can take a break and have a nice cuppa after walking around.

Admission fee into the Swiss Garden is NT$120 per person, so depending how interested you are, some may find it worth while others might not. Personally, I feel that it’s a tad expensive for a garden like this as the scale of it is actually not that big. Then again, if you are a big fan of the idol drama “Meteor Garden”, a visit here will perhaps satisfy some sort of ‘idol dream’ :p

For more information on the garden, read here.

ps, if you are on a private tour to Cingjing, and is a fan of strawberries, you can talk to your driver about bringing you to a strawberry farm nearby for some berry-picking time!


Strawberry farm!