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Alright, after so many posts about food hunting, here’s finally a recipe post 🙂 I have decided to post this dessert recipe after realizing that there are many foodies (e.g. me) who have problems finishing the last course after a heavy meal. So how do you do that without torturing your stomach while fulfilling your dessert cravings?

Fret not, here’s a simple recipe to the rescue!

Special thanks to Cindy for sharing this lovely recipe. Cheers!

Berries on the top!
Berries on top!

Berries Yoghurt Parfait (Serves 8-10)


1 pint plain yoghurt

1 pint cream cheese

1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence

10-12 Digestive biscuits

10-12 fresh raspberries, strawberries (mix)

1 tablespoon Raspberry/Strawberry jam

10 Mint leaves (*optional)


1. Whisk yoghurt and cream cheese together in a large bowl until a smooth texture is formed.

Mixing cream cheese and yoghurt together until they are synonymous.

Mix well!

2. Add in vanilla essence. Mix again.

2. Put digestive biscuits into a clean, clear plastic bag. Crush digestive biscuits into smaller crumbs with a kitchen hammer. Note: Try not to crush it into fine crumbs as bigger crumbs give a more ‘crunchy’ texture.

Crush the digestive biscuits - it helps if you have a hammer!

Crush the digestive biscuits – it helps if you have a kitchen hammer!

3. Cut fresh raspberries, strawberries into small pieces. Mix it with berry jam.

Cut the fresh fruits into smaller pieces

Cut fresh fruits into smaller pieces

**For this recipe, you will also need small dessert cups to hold it. Alternatively, you can also buy disposable wine cups from local supermarkets.

4. In a cup, scoop in 2 tablespoon of crushed biscuits first, then 3-4 tablespoon of the cheese and yoghurt mix, then lastly, 1-2 tablespoon of berries mixture.

Layer by layer. It will look something like that!

Layer by layer. It will look something like that!

5. Decorate with mint leaves or a whole berry.

The last step is optional but it enhances the appearance. It will look nice if you having guests over.

And voilà! Bon appétit.

ps, This dessert is not only refreshing and good for digestion, it is also easy to make! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!